Ахметшина А.С.1), Журавлёв Г.Г.1), Романюк В.А.2)

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2)Сахалинский государственный университет (г. Южно-Сахалинск)

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Рассмотрены основные характеристики и пространственная структура числа дней с туманом, исследован сезонный ход туманов, рассчитана  повторяемость дней с туманом и динамика изменения средней суммы дней с туманом на территории Томской области. Материалом для исследования послужили данные метеорологических ежемесячников за период с 1966 по 2008 годы по 23 станциям Томской области.

Ключевые слова: туман, климатические характеристики, среднее и наибольшее число дней с туманом, повторяемость туманов, пространственное распределение туманов, продолжительность числа дней с туманом.


A.S. Ahmetshina, G.G. Zhuravlyov, V.A. Romanjuk

The fog is one of the most dangerous atmospheric phenomena for all types of transport, therefore fogs are carried to the dangerous phenomena of weather. Besides, fogs reduce capacity of the power stations working on a solar energy. Humidifying by fogs of designs conducts to their corrosion, leaks and breakdowns in electro- and radio equipment, to microbiological corrosion of materials.
In given article the basic characteristics and spatial structure of number of days with a fog are considered, the card-scheme of distribution of mid-annual number of days with a fog is constructed, the seasonal course of fogs is investigated, with a fog and dynamics of change of the average sum of days with a fog repeatability of days is calculated on territories of the Tomsk region. As a material for research the data of meteorological monthly journals from 1966 for 2008 on 23 stations of the Tomsk region has served.
The greatest duration of fogs in territory of the Tomsk region is observed around the Big Vasjugansky bog (station New Vasjugan and Average Vasjugan), minimum in at station Vanzhil-Kynak. In an annual course ¬ of fogs at all stations one maximum (in August) ¬ is sharply expressed. The analysis of repeatability of number of days with a fog at stations of the Tomsk region has shown that absence of a fog from 44,4-81,3 % of cases is the most probable. The greatest repeatability of fogs is necessary on gradation 1-2 days (repeatability from 2,2 to 13,4 % from all cases). Last years the considered period (with 1991-2008 гг.) practically on all stations the tendency to reduction of number of days with a fog in comparison with the period about 1966-1990 of the Reason of such reduction is revealed demand the further researches.

Key words:  fog, climatic characteristics, average and greatest number of days with a fog, repeatability of fogs, spatial distribution of fogs, duration of number of days with a fog.

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