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«The 6th Technology Wave: Mechanism and Perspectives» international conference is a unique opportunity for experts from different scientific fields to meet at the event. Researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, institutes as well as representatives of industrial sector, public authorities and entrepreneurship will be broadly involved.

Conference co-founders 

  • The Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Department for Education and Youth Policy of Khnaty-Mansiysk Automonous Okrug-Yugra
  • Brest State Technical University
  • Yugra State University

Scientific agenda 
«The 6th Technology Wave: Mechanism and Perspectives» international conference is a unique opportunity for experts from different scientific fields to meet at the event.

The conference will include the following sessions:
Session 1. Information technologies are the accelerator of intellectual potential in the society.
Session 2. Theoretical and experimental basics for establishing energy and resource efficiency processes.
Session 3. Current state and development trends of economy in the present context.
Session 4. Current issues of modern legal science and law enforcement practice.

Some sessions will consider the following guidelines:
  • Discussions on research and development in establishing scientific bases in IT, sharing experience in network education based on e-learning and m-learning methods and technologies as well as innovative education and tool technologies.

  • Integrated method for chemical and technological processes for rational use of hydrocarbons, forest, peat and mining reserves.

  • Energy and resource efficiency in many technological processes, experience analysis for energy capacity reduction and resources consumption in electrical engineering sector of oil production, diversification of industrial and economic activities, mathematical modeling of electrical engineering complexes.

  • Limits for parameters variety of macroeconomic policy and priorities to define policy in possibility space as well as parameters providing resource-dependent economies with resistance to external shocks.

  • Performance efficiency and trends of legal system reformation of the Russian Federation and Khanti-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra in terms of current social, economic and political situation both in the country and in the region.

  Key dates 
  • The beginning of participants’ registration - 07.09.2015.

  • The end of participants’ registration - 02.11.2015.

  • The deadline for submission of abstracts - 02.11.2015.

  • The deadline for the registration fee payment - 10.11.2015. 

  • The distribution of Collections of Abstracts (for participants in absentia) - 01.12.2015.

Requirements for abstracts:

Abstract should be assigned with a name which consists of a session number in which the participant plans to have his say and a full name of the author (5_Ivanov I.I.).

Abstracts should be drawn in accordance with the rules for authors of the journal "Bulletin of Ugra State University"

All plenary and session presenters will be provided with laptops with Microsoft Office 2007 for  their slide shows.

Conference materials will be assigned with an international index ISBN. All conference materials will be sent to main libraries of Russia and abroad.

The collection is registered in the RSCI scientometric base (Russian Science Citation Index) and published on the website of electronic library Elibrary.ru.

If you have any questions concerning please contact:

tel: +7(3467) 357-713,

fax: +7(3467) 357-723

e-mail: nauka.ugrasu@gmail.com

The III International scientific and practical conference «The 6th Technology Wave: Mechanism and Perspectives» will be jointly hosted with the «History, Culture and Economy of the Urals and Transurals» international scientific conference at Yugra State University on November 12-13, 2015.